Beautiful Silks Workshops


We plan our workshops at least 6 months in advance of the workshop date. We are very happy to meet new tutors who can plan this far ahead and discuss ideas.

This is what you need to do:

Provide a lesson plan, bio/CV, pics of your work and names of two experienced referees. Describe your work to us and give details of previous classes, trade fairs, awards, publications and exhibitions.

Supply 4 PNG images each no smaller than 200 kb and no bigger than 800 kb and links to your website, so we can see your work.

Supply finished samples of your work with SAE for return of sample. Your covering letter should include a packing list of what you have sent.

Generally tutors share a predetermined percentage of gross revenue.

If we accept your offer we will send you a tutor agreement. You are required then to


    • accept and sign the simple tutor’s AGREEMENT,
    • if you are ordinarily resident in Australia, include details of your ABN.
    • keep us up to date with publicity for your event.
    • read the tutor information pack before your event and comply with it.


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This happened 24th June at Beautiful Silks - Jude Skeers teaching his silk mobius at Beautiful Silks Workshops -



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