What you didn't learn in fashion school is....5 out of 6 fashion houses go bankrupt. This includes big established labels, Istithmar, owner of former US retailer Loehmanns...Carla Bruni owned much of Morgan, French retailer, they went broke for Euros 30,000,000. There are more - LaCroix went bankrupct in May 2009. Lindsay Lohan - collaboration project ended in tears, the result was at the Emanuel Ungao show, they lost a fortune. This is despite her well known profile and the fact that she was working with one of Spain's top designers.

We get these type of enquiries two or three times a day:
I'm thinking of creating my own clothing label, focusing on jeans and cargo pants at first. I want to create good quality clothing and designs. I'm a good designer so designing will not be too much of a problem but what to do about getting stuff made up, i don't have much idea...

I have a logo name and i want to start my own label .. i want to know how to go about doing it and the cost involved, still looking for a manufacturer though, very passionate about the designs i have created. . I need lots of ideas of how to start out with no experience! Know any manufacturers?
I need help starting my label . I have great ideas. I have designed plus size night gowns How to do books, where to find manufacturers etc. Looking for a mentor - Can some let me know how to get started.
I have an amazing idea for a label. I want to start an urban line of baby tees, tanks, jeans and purses for women of thickness. Just need to know how to get started.

I want to start my own clothing label. I have the labels, now I just need the clothing. I am not a fashion designer and nor do I want to go to the expense of finding one. I want small quantities of nice, on trend clothing for women and young ladies that I can buy in packs of maybe between 30 and 50 pieces ? Does anyone know of any factories or wholesalers that supply this. I would prefer the clothing to be unlabeled so I can then sew my own in house label into them..... Anyone have any knowledge to share???

So we’ve put together the perfect info seminar on Sunday 24 June 2012 at 2pm, at Beautiful Silks in Fitzroy. (and there's a DVD if you can't make the seminar) -

So you want your own label?

It’s not the standard business course. Not even a little bit like one.

Starting from Marion’s proven track record as the lead person in Beautiful Silks with 30 years of design experience, a successful textile and dye business and of course her own label… and combined with her husband Yaakov’s experience as a bankruptcy lawyer and the author of several published legal textbooks as well as being the financial and compliance director of Beautiful Silks, this seminar provides:

  • Simple practical tips on getting your clothes designed, sampled, produced and if need be imported, then labeled, distributed and finally sold.
  • The stuff they didn’t teach you in fashion school: the most common design flaws and how to avoid them. We interview experienced a sample machinist and pattern-maker.
  • Stuff your teachers didn’t even know about designing as a business, let alone teach you (because they’re usually teachers with little real world exposure).

  • We don’t duplicate what’s already out there. We looked at what was out there, and in particular a brilliant book called How to Set Up and Run a Fashion Label, by Toby Meadows. There’s a lot of good stuff out there, but not the right sort of stuff – we’ve made this DVD to put in what’s missing.
    Our experience is that five out of six people who talk to us about starting a label won’t get it off the ground. Of those who do, like most Australian small businesses, five out of six will fail within six years. A 3% success rate!!

    We think that a bigger factor in the 3% is knowing where a particular item of stock is, or keeping track of payments and appointments, than knowing the difference between couture and ready-to-wear. And if you don’t know a good sample or pattern from a bad one, then the finer points of image consciousness are fairly irrelevant.

    What you need to learn to avoid tears and financial chaos and to stay afloat is : Not one answer, but many systems need to be put in place to keep yourself clear of crippling debts which lead to unhappiness and misery.
    If you want to be part of the 3% and learn from our experience, this kit is for you. $65 for one person at the seminar, or $50 for the DVD, or $100 for the seminar, the DVD and a free second admission to the seminar.


    Students- barter a working bee for it. Info business@beautifulsilks.com

    Make payment by direct debit to JON YAAKOV GORR
    Commbank BSB 063-212 Account number 10043479
    then email the receipt to business@beautifulsilks.com