See your silk live, on line, real-time. Talk to Beautiful Silks without paying long-distance call charges!


Skype is a free internet telephone service that you can use to communicate with Beautiful Silks (and tens of millions of other people and organisations around the world). Our new technology allows you to SEE US LIVE when you call us, so that we can show you garments or colours. We'll come up on your computer screen, just like closed circuit TV, FREE. (existing clients only).

If you've never heard of Skype or haven't got around to installing it yet, you can install it now by visiting the Skype Website. Skype is available for (at least) Windows and Mac, and takes about 15 minutes to install. Beautiful Silks highly recommends Skype.

Install Skype Now - click here to go to the skype homepage. THEN CALL US FREE to make your order.
If you’re already a Skype user, we suggest that you add Beautiful Silks to your Skype contact list- our user names are
beautifulsilks and elephant-au.

You're welcome to try to call us anytime, but we may not always be available. You'll see a green indicator when you activate your skype application telling you if we're on line or not. If you want a Beautiful Silks is based in Melbourne, Australia. Click here for world times- we are usually available 11.30 to 18.00 Sunday and 10.00 to 18.00 Mondays through Thursdays, Melbourne time, which should give you an idea of the likelihood of our being online. If you want a video-hook-up, please email us first for an appointment.

Of course, we have normal telephones too!
National Office 03-94197745, Warrnambool 03-55651880, or your nearest capital city.

Can't get Skype to work and still want to buy silk? Phone your nearest branch or email us here!