The people behind Beautiful Silks

Jon Yaakov Gorr (the elephant)
Formerly the owner of a successful commercial solicitor's firm for over 12 years, Dr Jon Yaakov Gorr now plans the business development of the partnership and manages the technical side of the business.Dr Gorr has written three legal textbooks published by - on bankruptcy, construction contracts and aspects of moneylending. Smokeball has also published his Doctoral Thesis which can be downloaded from the Smokeball website.

Dr Gorr's practical knowledge and business experience have helped turn a passion and a hobby into a thriving international business. In particular, he has brought business skills to the partnership ranging from our fair trade program to website design to database administration, business planning to company secretarial duties and foreign currency trading to contract administration. The elephant is an experienced business mentor for operators of small new businesses in the textile industry and operates the Beautiful Silks Business Mentoring Program for young designers and artists.

In August 2012 on Tuesday nights from 6 until 9 Melbourne time, the elephant will be running live on line business workshops, just skype in from anywhere on the planet to be part of the class. Or come in person if you're in Melbourne. $50 per 2.5 hour class per participant, (there's a 30 minute break in the middle) and max 8 participants includes a copy of the DVD and class materials. For course notes click here - for initial enrolment email


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The elephant is proud to be Marion's husband




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