We at Beautiful Silks have scheduled the NATURAL DYE SYMPOSIUM, an international seminar to be held in June and July 2012 in Fitzroy.

We have designed a work experience plan so that students studying either TEXTILES or EVENTS MANAGEMENT & MARKETING can gain, through their volunteer experience or work experience, sufficient experience to pass the course. We believe that we can accommodate up to 10 students.

If you're looking for HIGH SCHOOL WORK EXPERIENCE click here.

Key Responsibility Areas Contribute to the overall service delivery of the symposium by:
• research and communication of ideas
• arranging publicity
• answering attendee queries
• preparation of events according to checklist
• Reception at symposium
• Maintaining accurate records and statistics in relation to service activities
• Inputting and maintaining accurate client data
• Performing other administrative duties as required
• Clerical Supporting colleagues and service delivery by:
• Working collaboratively as a member of the team
• Being actively involved in team meetings, reviews, supervision, and other program activities
• Support fellow peers whilst respecting individuality
• Participate in the growth and development of the team
• Taking responsibility of the individuals involvement in OH&S
• Ensuring that service delivery meets ISO 9001 quality standards

This internship will provide students with the opportunity for a work integrated learning experience in the textile industry or the festival and event industry, Students and participants should at the end of this program be able to:
• design, plan and conduct a special event;
• evaluate the value of special events, including sustainability factors;
• plan the logistics of event management at a local level;
• analyse the relationship between sponsorships and event management and be able to decide how to maximise value for sponsors;
• publicise and promote a special event; and • estimate costs and budget for the staging of special events.
• Understand the principles, models, current processes and techniques in event risk management; including identification, analysis, and treatment, reporting and monitoring of risks and processes
• Gain preparedness and confidence in the management of events
• Use the opportunity to develop industry networks

COMMITMENT REQUIRED: Training: 1 day familiarisation in last week of April 2012 then 2 days during May 2012

WORK: 10 days during June and July 2012.

for his profile and published textbooks please see his puublisher’s website http://www.smokeball.com.au/ProductInfo/9975/Author . From there you can download his Ph.D thesis, which was involved with field research running a volunteer program for work experience law students (and later for Indian villagers).
Working hours 10.00-18.00 on any given day with a 45 minute meal break, and this includes a 30 minute feedback/professional development session at the end of each working day (17.30-18.00). Location: Fitzroy.

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