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Marion Hera Gorr | Supreme Bird

Visiting Fiona Wright in Pushkar was amazing.

Years ago Fiona started purchasing silk from Beautiful Silks, we've always got along well together. So when Elephant and Marion went walkabout in India we made an effort to get to wonderful Rajasthan in December 09. We are so glad we did, what an amazing person she is!

Fiona reviewing local stitch work. Photo Marion Hera-Gorr 2009

Fiona regularly goes on textile adventures, recently she has been sharing her considerable skills with local women to offer employment and also delightlful textiles for home use. Fiona's website is www.creative-arts-safaris.com

She's off to explore silk and other deliciious textiles in Vietnam very soon, and if you want to go, she'll take you too! And she'll be visiting us at Beautiful Silks on January 17th, as well as offering a workshop in October 2010.


That's her in the photo, making string out of coconut fibre. She earns enough each hour to buy ONE GLASS of milk, about 10 cents (3.50 rupees for those who've travelled in India). Her 35 rupees a day is a low wage even by third world standards, about one Australian dollar for a 10 hour day, 6 days a week, and no health or pension plan.

Through the sales of coconut string in our How long is a piece of string? project, at one hour's pay a 7 metre length (the time it takles to produce coconut string)(students, retired folk and unemployed $10) we've raised over Rs. 5000 in JUST ONE WEEK, enough to double this woman's wage for 150 days. The money will go to build a building for women like this to work in, protected from the elements, and with resources to help their working day.



The fit-out's finished ahead of schedule and under budget, come and see it at our grand opening on 8 November. bird


India Flint visited and left beauty blooming after everywhere. Her's a demo of how to wear a merino wrap. Her garments and textiles are completely non allergenic, see some of her work at Beautiful Silks- Oh and BTW her book launch is here on 5th March at 6pm, email us for an invite.