Beautiful Silks doesn't have shop assistants. It has experienced textile and business professionals.


Marion Hera-Gorr
Is a self-confessed confirmed silkaholic. She enjoys textiles and garments as an art form, and expresses her feelings for nature and beauty using these wonderful silk fabrics and colour dyes. But why does she get up two hours before dawn to post little bundles of silk to others like herself, who are simply enjoying life and creating beautiful works? 


Peter Lucena
Was trading silk with the Chinese well before Nixon was playing ping-pong with them. With over 40 years' experience in trading textiles with the Chinese, Peter is one of the most knowledgable "China hands" in the textile industry worldwide. Peter has supplied Chinese textiles right around the globe, and knows which of the thousands of factories in China is producing which product, whether a raw material, fabric or finished item at which price. Peter and Janet Lucena own SENTOSA TEXTILES, in Auckland New Zealand, as well as providing valuable input to the Beautiful Silks management team.

Peter is demonstrably Australasia's most senior textiles trader and a proud partner in Beautiful Silks.


Jon Yaakov Gorr (the elephant)
Formerly the owner of a successful commercial solicitor's firm for over 12 years, the elephant now plans the business development of the partnership and manages the technical side of the business. His practical knowledge and business experience have helped turn a passion and a hobby into a thriving international business. In particular, he has brought business skills to the partnership ranging from website design to database administration, business planning to scompany secretarial duties and foreign currency trading to contract administration. The elephant is an experienced business mentor for operators of small new businesses in the textile industry and operates the Beautiful Silks Business Mentoring Program for young designers and artists. He is the author of three legal textbooks published by the Australian legal publisher Smokeball and several laypersons' guides published by the on-line publisher R P Emery.

The elephant is proud to be Marion's husband.



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